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My Fitness Journey so Far

For me a normal week sees me going to the gym now at least twice. If I would have told a 17 year old me I would actually love the gym she would have laughed in your face. I loved rock climbing, swimming and karate but hated P.E with a passion.

My gym story began in 2015, I decided it would be a good idea to sign up for a Great Wall Of China trek. Now I wasn’t extremely unfit but I definitely needed to up my fitness levels and work on my balance. The balance thing still hasn’t happened, I have the nickname Bambi so that should explain all.

So when I first started off training I was doing a lot of cardio, that was a good & bad thing. It did help me gain stamina and i wasn’t getting tired easily but I was losing weight easily. That was a very big issue as I’ve always been on the slim side, having a high metabolism has its issues. I knew from then on I needed to do something a little different. A little bit of a background too, 3 years ago I was on and off the verge of being hospitalised for my weight, now thankfully I’m at a steady weight and not at risk anymore.

The left is me in Nov 2015 and the right is me in Sept 2017.

It’s took a few years really but I’ve finally got into a place where 1. I’m not afraid of going to the gym & 2. I’m not afraid of putting on weight. The second one for me is a big thing for a reason I still cannot explain I was scared to put on weight but I always wanted to because I was sick of the ‘aren’t you anorexic?’ ‘You should try eating more’ ‘if I just hit you you could snap in half’ comments. I still hear those in the back of my mind sometimes but they don’t bother me as much now.

I absolutely love weight lifting. I just find something so satisfying about it. Especially when I hit a new personal best. I can admit I hate training arms/upper body. I’m not good at it and get really frustrated with myself if I fail at a set. Training legs is my favourite and if it didn’t make me walk like a penguin after I’d do it all the time but also that just isn’t feasible. So I do either a leg day then a whole body or an upper body day then a whole body. Mixing up my routine really keeps me actively going as when I used to do classes they were so repetitive and I got bored far too quick.

I’m not sure what’s next for me with my fitness journey, I’m not sure I could ever compete in a competition but I’m just going along and see where it takes me.

Do you enjoy going to the gym? Or is there something else you like to do to have ‘me time’?

Crissy x

15 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey so Far

    1. Ah that’s good that you’ve found something you enjoy! I’m happy to run for charities like little ones like 5/10k but I just can’t seem to run for enjoyment! I hope you have a successful running year

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  1. I love reading fitness journeys and diaries because it gets me feeling so motivated. I too, love going to the gym but it’s not something I do often enough. However with a new year Its the perfect opportunity to get going weekly and hopefully get in to a routine liked yours.
    Zara xx

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    1. That’s the reason I love reading them too, I like seeing what everyone else does! Ah I hope you manage to get a routine to suit you xx


  2. I’m actually a qualified fitness instructor but at the moment my gym time is nonexistent! However, when i do go I really enjoy it. I’m not big on running but the weightlifting is so much fun. I find arms and upper body the hardest but when you reach that next weight lift, it’s so satisfying. I also have a friend who started competing last year and she absolutely loves it!! I’d definitely think about working up to entering your first comp if you think you’d enjoy it. X

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    1. Ah that’s amazing! Do you do PTing or classes? I completely agree with how satisfying it is once you get the next weight lift. It’s that which keeps me going. Ooh okay, I’m definitely looking into it but it all just seems a little scary at the moment x


  3. I love the way this was written…reflection…passion…vibrancy.

    I really respect it…sounds like a real human being talking.

    As a soft tissue specialist…movement analyst and elite performance coach…who runs his own clinic…fixing “broken people,” and working with professional athletes…I sincerely commend you.

    You are an inspiration to the women reading this blog post.

    Never forget that 99% of people wouldn’t put their hearts and soul on the line…for us all to read.

    I wish you nothing but prosperity and success

    Have an amazing day

    Mr Cleaver

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      I really appreciate it, and i hope i have been able to inspire a few people.

      I’m looking forward to continuing to see where my fitness journey takes me and hopefully sharing it with those interested.

      Cristina x

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